Marmalade's Christmas Cheer

Marmalade Trust understands how difficult Christmas can be for someone who is struggling with loneliness. We don’t want anyone to spend Christmas Day alone if they don’t want to so we invite them to join us for a free festive lunch. A typical member is someone who is vulnerable to loneliness, for example a person of an older age who may have few or no family or friends around.

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Travelling Lights Presents Three Kings

Three weary travellers from far off lands meet by chance as night approaches, all looking to the darkening skies. As shadows draw in, they eventually overcome their suspicions of each other and exchange stories; stories of love, stories of loss, stories of kings.

Where have they come from and where are they going and what is so special about this night? How many stars are there in the sky, is there such a thing as chance or do the constellations have a plan mapped out for each and every one of us?

Travelling Light brings it’s inventive and fresh twist to a classic tale. Three Kings fuses storytelling, song and dance and puppetry in a sparkling show about finding out where you belong, overcoming your differences and listening to the secret stargazer in each of us.

Length: 50 - 55 minutes

Recommeneded for Year 1 - 6

Price: Free but booking essential

Contact The Hub, Lockleaze 0117 914 1129 or

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