In 2017 we received £10k of funding from Groundworks UK through Locality to commission a feasibility report into various potential community led housing projects in Lockleaze.

As an area of low-density population with a lot of green space, Lockleaze has the most potential of any ward in Bristol for community led hosing opportunities. As a voice for the community Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust is key in making sure local people are a part of that development conversation.

We're now working a group of volunteer residents. They have been also been working with an architect to define what local residents would want from a potential housing project. We have received funding from Power to Change to support the delivery of this project and develop houses up to the planning stage.

Community Led housing

Lockleaze is changing. In the next 10 years the Council will sell or develop 31 different sites leading to over 1000 new homes. We believe that the community should design and own some of those homes to meet community need. We are working together to create the kind of homes that local people will benefit from. We have a pilot group meeting regularly to deliver some homes that benefit the community. Emerging principles are:

  • Genuinely affordable

  • Build for mental health - high ceilings, good light

  • Local lettings policy - local people get first chance to rent

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Read the report

The Community Led Housing in Lockleaze Feasibility Study 2018 has been completed and you can read the report online here.