How DID WE GET HERE - storY project

This two year arts project aims to collect stories from all the varied communities around Lockleaze, to tell the story of this place through the people who live here.

There's been so many changes in Lockleaze and we’re using story collection, through both workshops with theatre artist Jody Cook and the employment of Community Story Collectors, to share different people's perspective on how we got to here.

This is a community led co-designed project and so the outcomes and future are led by what stories we collect, who’s involved and what they want to see happen. From Grace one of our story collectors leading regular Buzz cafe drop ins, to a series of music memory workshops to help people living with dementia; these ideas have all come from what the residents involved are passionate about.

If you're interested in finding out more email or you can become a story collector or facilitator yourself. See more information here.

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Local resident story collectors recruited


Unique stories recorded

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Story Collector Grace working with Savinder Bual & Elena Blanco, another art commission in Lockleaze

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