Lockleaze resident planning group

Lockleaze will see a great deal of development over the next decade and we see it as essential that residents are at the heart of the changes, understanding what they are, making sure development meets locally need, and having the opportunity to be involved in developments locally, including exploring options for community ownership.

To support this there is a resident planning group that meets regularly in the Cameron Centre on most first Thursdays of the month. Residents are invited to be members of the planning group, hear what is happening and contribute to discussions on what we’d like to see, make their friends and neighbours aware of what is going on.


Lockleaze Planning group is

- Open to everyone

- Does not have to agree but must hear different views and listen and respect views different to our own

- Make efforts to include the whole community

- Represent the best interests of the community

- Needs people to check planning lists, come to meetings, share info on social media, take minutes, talk to your neighbours, take action

To get involved contact suzanne@lockleazent.co.uk