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Here is what we know:

  • There were two organisations operating out of the building:
  • Lockleaze Community Association was a charity, set up by residents after World War II, where local residents paid a subscription to be a member of the charity and it supported residents with activities such as youth club, older people's groups, trips and other community activity
  • In 1987 a Social club was set up, the idea was instead of members paying a subscription they would use the social club and profits from the club would be returned to the charity making it a sustainable community organisation
  • In recent years the charity stopped operating and there was just an active social club.
  • The land and building are owned by the charity.

Lockleaze Community Association

Lockleaze Community Association closed its doors on December 2016 leaving members and residents asking questions about what was going on. For many months different residents and organisations tried to find out what was going on and see how the building could be opened up again. 

There was a community meeting on Saturday 23 June 2018, to discuss what was going on and what next. A note of the meeting can be found here

Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust is now working with a small group of former members to get the building open again and serving the whole community.