Our Lockleaze community plan launched!

1. Be the foundation for all decisions made about Lockleaze ensuring residents views are represented.

2. Hold organisations working in Lockleaze (Council, charities and others that say they are working for the benefit of the community) to account.

3. Support like-minded residents coming together and make things happen that matter to them.
— Resident chair James Creed set out what the community plan is there to do:

The community plan can be downloaded here. Copies are also available to pick up from the Hub and other locations around Lockleaze.

On Saturday 30 March at Lockleaze Family Club residents of Lockleaze launched their community plan. It began nearly two years ago with a community survey covering questions around development opportunities, through to community activity, volunteering and skills to share. With nearly 700 responses, this provided a great evidence base for a community plan and at the first two Our Lockleaze community forums (held March and September at different Lockleaze venues) these ideas were discussed and debated and from there the plan emerged.

The number one thing residents wanted to see happen in the area was Housing, with housing taking up a high proportion of income for some, some were overcrowed, and some experienced insecurity of private tenancy or low chance of being re-housed in Lockleaze for those in social housing needing to change their situation. Added salt in the wound was that Lockleaze has so much land available for housing but despite proposals very little new housing has become available locally. There is also a concern that where housing is built locally it won't benefit local residents but they will be priced out of the area. This is one area where residents are getting together to look at what they can achieve collectively, and are exploring community led housing, and a local-lettings policy through their monthly planning group.

The community plan will be a basis for community action from a range of individuals and organisations. There are some groups that are established and will have a role taking forward actions, such as the Lockleaze Residents Planning group and the Community-Led Housing group, and others where there is not one single owner or group currently but the plan will provide the catalyst for action. Our Lockleaze events will continue be held twice a year to gather people together to make stuff happen and review progress on the plan.

Resident Chairs: Rachel Varley and James Creed launch the plan

Resident Chairs: Rachel Varley and James Creed launch the plan