How DID WE GET HERE - storY project

We're launching an arts project to collect stories from all the varied communities around Lockleaze, to tell the story of this place through the people who live here.

There's been so many changes in Lockleaze and this project will use story collection, through both workshops with theatre artist Jody Cook and the employment of Community Story Collectors, to share different people's perspective on how we got to here.

The project was launched on 16th June at the Refugee Festival Celebration and after our first round of workshops with Jody Cook we've now recruited 7 Community Story Collectors. They will be at Unity Festival on 25th August to tell people about the project, collect stories and get more people to come to the workshops from September and become Story Collectors.

If you're interested in finding out more email or you can read the Story Collector Job Specification here.

Story Van (3).jpg